April 5, 2014

You’ll do it by hook or by crook

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You'll do it by hook or by crook

Everything in life has two ways to be. A good or bad. Perhaps there are other ways, but in general these are the two most basic.

Usually, we resort to bad when we want a quick answer to what we ordered, but this method can have unwanted as trauma, aggression and distrust side effects.

A good we may takes longer, involves more effort on our part, but eventually yields more fruit. This happens both in raising a child as in dogs. Here I will be talking about dogs because it is the subject in which I have knowledge, but I have two small children and assure them that the way to grow is very similar. Both need unconditional love and a stable routine.

Maybe you’re one of those people who takes his dog for a walk and ends frustrated or send it to sit and feel that he is talking to the wall. The only secret to achieve a reaction or change their behavior, is to find what you’re passionate dog and used to always reward him do what you ask.

There will be times you have to be firmer with the dog because sometimes challenge. This method is called positive reinforcement.

The reward does not have to be food. It can be a sobito, a toy or other incentive that your dog likes. Especially in his puppy hood, it is vital that the dog learns to good. It is important that you be more interesting than everything around the dog, which is very difficult to achieve.

Here are some ways to encourage your dog to the good:

Bring snacks with you whenever you go for a walk or when you get home. Reward it when walking by your side, when you look or when you feel if you ask.

Talk all the time and let him know how happy you wear when you walk at your side. Do not worry if the neighbors look at you funny. Eventually you will see the result you want in your dog.

Perfect exercise in a place with little distraction. Slowly go up the level of complexity. As it matures, the dog will make it easier to concentrate.

Let other people will practice the commands you already know. Especially if there are children of confidence in where you live.

Reinforces their daily commands. Do not expect much from it unless you practice it every day.

Instead of focusing on scolding, focus on reward. Each time the dog does something you expect as jump or sit, surprise him with a treat or a caress.

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