June 27, 2014

You have to know when to exercise

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You have to know when to exercise

We talked to a specialist who told us all that we must be clear when we look to see changes in our body. Find out how many days you have to go a week and how you should feed to have the right habits.

To all of us several questions arise when we exercise, we want you both time and effort invested ultimately worthwhile. It is for this reason that we talked to Diego Perez, Technical Manager of O2 Fitness Fit and asked what you should know to make your training is effective, as well as certain aspects that will make the sport definitely incorporate into your life.

How long a person could see changes in your body then you start going to the gym?

“Generally, if the person attends on average three times a week and does not neglect its power, and could achieve the first measurable positive results within 45 days.”

How many times a week is recommended to exercise and for how long?

“It is recommended three times a week at least, at least 30 minutes of intense physical activity per session. If I aumentaresto to 45 minutes or an ideal time. If I have the option to do more than three times a week great, but it is essential to have a rest and a proper diet. ”

Why is it advisable to exercise throughout the year and not just before the summer?

“It’s important to exercise regularly throughout the year, since the ideal is to take it as a habit of life reporting many more benefits for physical and mental health, to doing it for the season.”

How food must be balanced with exercise?

“Food is crucial, whether I want to maintain or enhance my performance as if I want to lose weight. According to the objective I have to adapt or maintain esta. Todo going to respect the amount of energy that must be consumed during the day and in doing so, opt for the healthier alternatives. ”

“There are some simple tips like not abuse coffee, alcohol, avoid sugar and salt, high fat foods and drink plenty of water during the day.”

Can you lose weight just by dieting without exercise? Why is it not recommended?

“Indeed it can and is completely valid, but should be advised by a specialist nutrition professional, there should be health problems if it is done in good shape. The downside is when people make allowances imposed by them, and many of them aimed at calorie malnutrition of the people and can cause major health decompensation”.

“Importantly always healthier work with my health and move, do not forget that the body we have is just for it.”

What part of the physical changes that other benefits a person can get physical activity?

“Benefits and welfare psychological level are many. In O2 Fit us has hundreds of testimonials from clients who improve their self-esteem, sleep quality, anxiety levels drop, fail to control stress, energy levels during the day are higher, even improving their job performance. ”

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