July 20, 2018

Working With Aesthetics: Creating Your Best Self

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Appearance is reality, and that means you can work with your aesthetics to create the best version of yourself. This is not that radical of a theory, but it does take some practice to get your presentation of yourself to the place that you want. Moreover, it is a flexible task over time.

When it comes to outward expression, you need to look at several things. Is your face clean, bright, and taken care of? Are you paying attention to your diet, nutrition, and skin health? Do you dress with confidence? And, do you always make sure that you surround yourself with things you love? By answering those questions, you’ll find that you come closer to your own version of ideality.

The State of Your Face 

The first thing that people see about you is your face. To exude confidence, you need to have clear skin on your face, and a clean countenance. To do that, you may need some combination of acne medication, soap that is healthy for your skin, and exercises that you do to tone the muscles around your cheeks, forehead, eyes, and chin. Paying attention to the appearance of your face is huge in your journey to create your best self.

Diet, Nutrition, and Your Skin 

What about the rest of your skin? Do you eat a healthy diet with all of the appropriate nutrition involved? Do you drink enough water to unclog all of your pores on a daily basis? The more attention you pay to what you put in your body, the better results you’re going get on the outside of your body in the clarity of your overall skin tone. Making sure that you get a healthy tan without overdoing it to the point of sunburn can also go a long way to improving your appearance.

Dressing for Confidence 

As healthy as you are and whatever situation you may be in, you’re never entirely going to give off the type of energy that you want if you don’t dress confidently. Your outfit is your costume. The way you dress is an expression of the inside of your mind. If you always keep that in your thoughts, you may make better clothing options than if you are just randomly putting clothes on for the weather.

Surrounding Yourself With Things You Love 

Confident people are not cluttered people. Someone who wants to look good and feel good and present themselves well does not surround themselves with things they don’t want or don’t need. By keeping only the things that you love, you’re showcasing all the best aspects of yourself visually, and that translates ultimately into psychic energy as well which people will naturally be attracted to.

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