February 2, 2018

Why It’s Important To Love Your Job

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Many people set out to work in industries that they don’t feel passionate about.  Perhaps it’s because of the paycheck associated with it, or maybe their families put pressure on them.  Whatever their motivations may be, it almost always ends up being a bad move.

If you don’t love your job you may be missing out on an entirely different way of living life.  Some people don’t know any other way other than loathing having to get up and go to their jobs every day.  However, if you were to choose something that you really loved instead, here are some of the things you can expect to happen. 

Work Won’t Feel Like Work

When you go to a job every day that brings you fulfillment and excitement, you’ll never feel like you’re going to work.  You’ll find that when you look forward to where you’re going every day rather than dragging your feet to somewhere that you can’t stand doing something that you don’t care about your overall satisfaction in life with transform.

Your job will start to feel more like playtime rather than a chore.  The money that you earn doing what you love will feel like free money since you didn’t feel like you worked for it at all.

When you do work from a place of passion, then it feels like playtime.  You may be working extremely hard in reality, but it feels like a pleasure for you. 

You’ll Make More Money

Many people believe that if you are focused on money as your sole motivation then you won’t ever be able to attain it.  You’ll feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels caught in a cycle of focusing only on material gain.

However, when you are doing something for the pure joy of it and you are truly gifted at it, the money will inevitably arrive. 

Your Life Will Have Meaning

Doing what you love gives you a sense of purpose and contribution.  When you give the world a slice of something that means a lot to you and that you are good at, then you’re contributing to the greater whole.

By not giving the world a service that you’re good at and passionate about you’re lacking a life without a deeper meaning.

You May Live Longer

Some studies show that people who are happier live longer.  Since you spend the majority of your week at work, it’s no surprise that if you don’t like your job you won’t be a happy person.

Therefore, if you don’t find yourself thrilled to get up and go to your job every day, you may want to ask yourself if it’s time to make a change.

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