November 21, 2015


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If we map out where to place the Net should be limited to three main residence “sites”. First they are neutral or Internet exchange points (IXP English, Internet Exchange Point).

It is where traffic exchange occurs. Worldwide there are about 300 and the largest five are in Europe. Our country has three:

Euskonix, Catnix and ESPANIX. To see the location of all of them, simply browse the map.

The second home network, they are the cables. Very little information is transmitted via satellite, most use the 885,000 kilometers of cable worldwide to cover the entire planet.

Finally, the third natural habitat are the Internet data center or data center, large buildings where it is processed and stores all information from videos, images, up to this article.

They are a major electricity consumers therefore consumption of cooling machines as they need to function properly. In total it is estimated that 1.5% of consumed electricity world. Today there are more than five million data center, but in 2017 will reach 8.6 million according to a recent study.

The key that opens three doors, with just 7 people in the world who are responsible for restarting the whole system in case of a natural disaster or an attack by land pull the whole system.

One that, if we remove all the trimmings (servers, cables, data centers and machines) and stayed with digital information, about 5 million TB, electrons travel from one place to another, internet weighs just 50 grams.

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