February 8, 2018

What is the Ideal Height to Place a Television on a Wall?

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There are many opinions on this matter. It is important because the use of TV wall mounts is a trend that seems to have become popular for most households. Wall cabinets and television cabinets have gone out of style as more and more people prefer to have a dedicated wall mounting to hold their large-screen television.

So, what are the advantages of using a TV wall mount to place a flat-screen TV or plasma TV? First of all, they are safe, since no one, especially children can cause damage to the TV when it is mounted on a wall.

Another great advantage is the option of being able to choose the height. There are different opinions about the height at which a TV should be mounted. While it can be safe at any level, the ideal height at which you should fix it is can easily be resolved. It is equivalent to two or three times the size of the screen from the floor level. However, you can set the height of the mount at whatever height you feel comfortable watching the TV.

Advantages of an adjustable TV mount

If you find it comfortable to watch the TV at a height that is slightly above eye level, you can consider using the mount at that height. An adjustable mount makes it possible for you to tilt the TV screen slightly for better viewing. Using an adjustable TV mount gives you the chance to watch TV even while reclining on the couch.

Some people prefer to place the TV at a much higher level. There is nothing wrong with doing this if you are comfortable with the viewing angle of the television. The wall brackets are designed precisely with the intention of allowing people to put their televisions wherever they want. It offers them the flexibility to mount their TV exactly where they please.

Consider the furniture before positioning the television

By placing the TV mounting at eye level, it may be necessary for you to change your other furniture. When mounted slightly higher, it might offer you viewing comfort without disturbing the current positioning of furniture in the room. TV wall-mounting brackets are available in a wide range of designs and colours and can easily accommodate televisions of any make and model. They are made of heavy, sturdy metal and can easily support the weight of a plasma television or HDTV. They are fastened to the wall with the help of screws and the television is then secured to it with the help of supports to provide double security.

It is a good idea to consider viewing angles and the position of other furniture before making a final decision to mount your TV on the wall. This will ensure optimal viewing comfort while watching TV.

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