June 7, 2017

What are the Homemade Gifts you can present your Dad on Father’s Day?

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Buying gifts for loved ones is definitely a fun process! But when you create that gift all by yourself, the fun doubles not only for you but also on the part of the gift receiver. On occasions such as birthday, anniversary, or on father’s day, when you are thinking of surprising your dad, this time create a gift by investing your time and creativity. You dad would be happier. So, here are some handmade/homemade gift ideas for your dad.

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Recreate the coffee mug: If he is very fond of his coffee mug, you can think of recreating it. Just bring a normal porcelain coffee mug and draw a mustache or French beard or any other thing which would define your dad. You need a porcelain pain pen for this purpose. So, isn’t this easy and cheap?

Personalized t-shirt: Buy a black, white, yellow, or red colored t-shirt and paint it with colorful markers. You can paint it with a sketch of your dad’s favorite icon or just write some nice lines, or draw a cartoon character which he still adores. The idea here in this gift idea is to create a funky gift.

Adorable gift basket: Put in his favorite snacks, chocolates, dry fruits, fruits, shaving kit, greeting card, a small diary, pen, and a book to form a father’s day kit. Bring a simple cane basket form market and decorate it with fancy things like glitter, ribbons, and colorful papers. Write a letter for him and keep it hanging from one corner.

Father’s Day Cupcakes: Cupcakes are cute versions of large cakes and for its small size it is simply adored by people. During father’s day, you can thus try to make some mesmerizing cupcakes. You would easily get small cake molds from the local market. With colorful cream, just decorate the cupcakes in an innovative way. For example, draw a tie, wallet, cigar, or anything that can be identified with him to make the cupcakes look good.

cupcakes for dad on fathers day

Luggage handle cover: If your dad travels a lot, you can make one luggage handle cover for him. It is a hassle while one has to wait to claim the luggage bag. Out of thousands of people travelling, there is possibility that your dads luggage may match with someone else’s. So, a luggage handle cover would help him distinguish the luggage bag.


Desk Organizer: This is the simplest, cheapest, yet amazing father’s day gift idea. You can use tin cans of coke for this purpose. You have to cut the mouth of these tin cans properly with a sharp knife first of all. Then bring in some colorful papers to design the body of the cans. Use of glitters, buttons, wool, dried flowers, etc. are also welcome. Clean his desk and keep the scales, adhesives, scissors, knife, in the first can; pens and pencils in the second can; and finally color pencils, markers, and sketch pens in the third can.

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