January 21, 2019

Understanding the Uses for Epoxy

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Residential or commercial projects sometimes request the use of epoxy to create a product that withstands heavy traffic or use. Some of the more popular uses for this resin are in the production of flooring, sealers, adhesives, paints, primers or coatings. Although some DIY networks and publications promote epoxy work that can be done on your own, the best application comes from experienced contractors. You can generally locate professional help with a search request for epoxy contractors near me.


Three General Categories

The unique applications of epoxy have given rise to a combination of chemical compound products that are tailored to the needs of the consumer. There are three general categories that epoxy products fall into.

  1. Engineering or Structural Adhesives. These are high-performance glues used in laminated wood products designed for roofing, flooring or decking needs. It’s perfect for adhering difficult surfaces together, such as stone and plastic or wood and concrete.
  2. Coating or Sealing. In industrial settings, the use of epoxy resins provides durability and long-lasting protection to flooring or other construction. It is sometimes used as a decorative flooring, with paint or vinyl chips and other additives make it slip resistant and beautiful. Epoxy paints fall into this category of protective sealing or coating. These applications often include cast iron, cast steel or aluminum.
  3. Architecture or Countertop Construction. Specially-designed blends of epoxy and recycled materials are now being used in the development of new countertops and surfaces to support sustainable building and development. Meeting green building standards can help a contractor earn LEED credits while supporting the environment.

A Style for Everyone

The sheer toughness of epoxy makes it a great choice for heavy construction projects, but some may be considered that tough means lack-luster. The use of pigment can tint epoxy coatings to blend with its surroundings, but it can also be textured through additives like anti-skid particles, soft rubber particles or metallic flecks. Whether you are looking for classic flooring or want a chic new contemporary design, epoxy resin coatings can give you the longevity and durability you need.

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