April 2, 2016

Types Of Casters For Hospitals

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casterIf you work in a hospital, then you know that it can be difficult to move some of the equipment to areas where it’s needed. This might be a hospital bed or a large container for the trays that people receive for meals. Medical casters make it easier to maneuver the objects as they can help with turning around corners. They also take a little bit of the strain off of moving the equipment so that you aren’t using as much force with the body, which can help with muscles in the back and legs.

There are a few different kinds of casters available to use depending on the equipment they are used for and the environment of the hospital. An autoclave is designed to be used in environments with high temperatures. This might be in a kitchen where meals are prepared or in a lab where there needs to be higher temperatures in order to grow bacteria.

Most casters on the main floors of the hospital are made with chrome wheels. They usually come with a braking device, but there are some that don’t have brakes. These need to be carefully monitored as it doesn’t take much to move them on the floor. One of the things that often needs to be moved with patients is an IV pole. There are small casters on the bottom of the pole that are positioned close together to make it easier to get around corners of the hospital. They have a braking device so that the pole can remain in place while the patient is sitting in a chair or getting a test done and is unable to move.

There are casters that are made of nylon, a softer material than the traditional wheel. They are often more affordable for the hospital to have on hand, and they won’t scratch the floors as easily. Razor casters won’t scratch the floor, either, and they usually have a better swivel than the nylon material. They are often used on beds and some wheelchairs as these are usually the items that are moved the most in a hospital.

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