November 27, 2015

Top 5 Apps for Christmas

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Top 5 Apps for Christmas

We are in a good moment to anticipate the best way to send our messages for Christmas or New Year. The smartphones have revolutionized again this tradition through different apps that offer all kinds of options. With them, we can create and send ‘christmas’ original, creative and above all personalized.

These are some of the available on iOS or Android:

Elf Yourself. This is one of the applications most downloaded Christmas cards. Have contributed to its success made the videos and then can be shared on social networks. The best, funniest and characteristic is that it can transform the image of the person you want in an elf Santa Clause dancer. Also, you can choose the type of song and dance, as well as the final message of congratulation.

TouchNote. These are times for technology, but also for nostalgia and tradition. And precisely that is what it provides and sets Touchnote. This application uses the latest Christmas congratulating the more traditional platforms: with real physical tarjeas. Allowing the tool is to design, customize and order real postcards for which the company is responsible for sending it by post to the recipient chosen in terms of up to five days. Paying, of course.

Christmas greetings. This app works as a large message store, poems, phrases and wishes to send our contacts in the phonebook of the mobile. The application is based primarily on texts and consists of a selection of Christmas cards from which you can choose the ones you like best. The tool also allows messages to other celebrations like birthday or Valentine’s Day. This simple program is free.

iFunFace eCards. This mobile application allows different kind congratulations, also Christmas, but always with humor. eCards iFunFace has multiple templates with different situations and characters in which we can insert photos of the person you choose in search of fun and irreverent postcard. In addition, you can add text messages and even audio.

iVillancicos. Another way to congratulate Christmas in a different way: with music. As every year, carols sound again trying to restore the magic of Christmas. With iVillancos you can choose the one you like from a long list, both in Spanish and in English or classical, Latin. It offers modern versions versions Styles ‘house’ or ‘dance’.

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