December 17, 2018

Tips For Finding The Best Lawyer

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Finding a lawyer for your case isn’t as simpleas opening the phone book and calling the first name that you see. Lawyers are no different from any other product or service that you mightneed.  Not all are created equal and ofthe same quality.  


Making the wrong choice could lead to detrimental consequences and even result in suing for malpractice.  Since lawyers cost a lot of money and your case is depending on their expertise, it’s essential that you choose the best possible lawyer.

Here are some of the most effective tips to help you along your process of finding the best lawyer for your needs.

Conduct Interviews

One of the best ways to get to know your lawyer’s skill set is by interviewing them.  Most attorneys will provide a free consultation.  Use this free consultation as an opportunity to ask the important things that you should know before giving them your money.

A few important things to cover are how long they’ve been in practice, what their areas of expertise are in, what their success rate is, and most importantly, what their fees are. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a higher price means better quality service.

If they’re a good lawyer, they’ll be able to answer every single question in a straightforward way without any grey areas.

Ask Around

Besides asking your own family and friends for recommendations, you may want to ask other lawyers for their recommendations.  Since not all lawyers specialize in the same area, you may request a lawyer specializing in another kind of law if they have a recommendation for your particular type of case.

Usually, lawyers have a small network and are likely to know the skill and reputation of other local attorneys.  If they don’t, they probably know someone that does.  Additionally, always search online to get a feel for what their reputation is with prior clients.

Conduct a Background Check

Before putting your fate into a lawyers hands, you may want to consider conducting a background check by verifying their standing as a member of the bar.

You can check an online listing provided by your state to review their references.  There are also additional ways to check their ratings on peer review websites made by fellow lawyers.

Observe Their Office

You can pick up on a lot of information about a lawyer based on their office.  If it looks disheveled or dirty, that’s probably a bad sign.  Do his or her staff members seem unhappy or stressed out?  Do they even have any staff members? By observing the work environment of their office, you can usually get a very accurate idea of what kind of performance they can produce.

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