April 14, 2017

The Most Effective Ways to Protect Yourself from the Effects of Cell Phone Radiation

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Mobile phones are all around us. The modern ones have more computing power than the desktop of 20 years ago, and since the trend is bound to continue, we’re sure to have an interesting future when it comes to mobile devices as well as information technology.

This all sounds great and exciting, except for one problem – a serious problem: the mobile devices we use are a major cause of our exposure to EMF, and radiation that can harm us. It’s a phenomenon that has been studied only recently (as these mobile phones have been around for only about 25 years), but the results are alarming. Ever wonder what the harm is? Here are the most effective ways to protect yourself – and your family – from the effects of cell phone radiation.

Use speakerphone

There are two ways in which you can reduce the effects of harmful radiation. The first is to limit the time of exposure – the other is to remove yourself from the source as far as possible. Here’s the thing: a small distance further away will exponentially decrease your risk, so use your speakerphone. In this way you make sure that whatever radiation you are exposed to, it has decreased considerably in strength.

Switch sides

If you have to use your phone but can’t do it via speakerphone, then switch your phone from ear to ear regularly. Not only will it give you a second of radiation pause here and there, the particular area exposed is lessened.

Send an SMS

If you can avoid calls, then do so. Sending an SMS will assure two different things. Firstly, it limits your time of exposure (as an SMS takes only a second or two to send) and chances are you won’t send the SMS with the phone near your head – hence, keeping your distance.

Wait for a connection

If you have to call, move your phone to your ear only when your screen tells you a connection has been made.

Avoid using phones in remote areas

It’s when your phone has a weak signal that it sends out the most radiation (as it is trying to look for that signal). Avoid using your phone in remote areas.

There are other things you can do to protect yourself – and they, too, are quite simple and straightforward. It’s a matter of limiting your exposure by increasing distance and limiting exposure time. For example, putting your phone on airplane mode or turning it off when you are not expected to use your phone will limit your exposure. You can also make use of cell phone protection products, such as those from www.lifeenergysolutions.com. Be wise and protect yourself – and your family – from radiation whenever possible. It’s your health that’s at stake, after all.

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