November 18, 2015

The House of 2016

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The House of 2016

2016 is approaching and also finding new trends in home decorating to give a more modern look. For next year, the use of metallic shades is strengthened and spread to every room of the home.

According to the interior designer, Elsie Torres, for many years has dominated the silver, but now other metals such as gold, bronze and copper both lamps and fixtures and accents are integrated.

“I think people are in the vein of giving a little glamor, because as we had so many years of minimalist style, people are looking for some luxury and gold he gives it. To be integrating this trend recommend mixing different finishes harmoniously. For example, if you have a silver lamp adds other pieces in gold and bronze tones, “advises Torres.

Moreover, Janine Cleveland, representative of Knoll Studio, products available through the Puerto Rican company Systema, which stands tones Torres mentioned by others as nickel and “brass” bind. The expert said that in the furniture you can see a tendency to explore in different metals for the beauty and splendor that provide these parts.

Kevin Woodard, Poliform executive of the company, who was on the island to present the renovated space of the mark in Puerta de Tierra, added that the metal have had great impact on the furniture in the kitchen.

No longer it is that the goods are in chrome gray but are using other more shiny metal with an appearance “more liquid, in combination with materials like wood, lacquer, accents in glass or stone” to modernize this important area of the home.

Other colors of great impact in 2016 will be purple, taupe and diverse range of grays, “which look great with metallic accents and are presented as a good way to cool a room,” says Woodard.

Perfect Match

Many materials used to make furniture for the home, but the light wood and glass still predominate as a symbol of elegance. Both can be used separately or combined, says Woodard.

“For us, we have three different companies within the brand: a closet, a kitchen and other securities. Use that mix of wood and glass in very artistic compositions. We also have elegant glass pieces in our closet systems, often the main structure is combined with wood and glass doors. Is something that will remain in trend for long, “Woodard says.

A style that increasingly takes more boom and will strengthen next year is finished in bronze glass is given to creating a different, warm and elegant appearance.

Moreover, the wood in vogue is clearer and more natural appearance. To convert an object conversation piece takes into account the natural character of the raw material and the design lines.

Lines and figures

Using patterns also remain fashionable. But these are no longer limited to accessories, they are being in armchairs, tables, floors and walls.

Where in your home you can place them? Everything will depend on your budget.

“It is being used in kitchens in the area of ‘backsplash’.

Originally it was something that was only used for the floor, but can be used in kitchens as ‘backsplash’, in bathrooms or on a wall as a focal point, an accent. Perhaps people associate it with something old but may be incorporated in a modern way, “says Torres.

In addition, the interior designer says silhouette Hexagon also begins to become very in vogue. Until recently, stamping chrevron was widely used and seemingly comes to relieve the hexagon, used in mirrors, tiles, mosaics, rugs and prints on textiles.

But Woodard, adds that the print style tables “houndstooth” (herringbone) is emerging as one of the great revelations for 2016.

This pattern, a classic in fashion, arrives to give elegance to the home, on especially in the second half of 2016.

“It’s very popular in the collections of Chanel and now makes its appearance in the most contemporary collections of furniture. We have two options, “houndstooth” in the new Poliform collection, one with larger prints and another with smaller prints. We propose to use it in accent pieces such as small chairs, cushions and ornaments, “says Woodard.

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