July 23, 2015

Summer Makeup: fashion tones and making it last all day perfect

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Summer Makeup fashion tones and making it last all day perfect

Discover how to achieve lasting makeup in summer as well as the keys to a summery, bright and colorful with trendy shades look.

When high temperatures make an appearance, it seems impossible to makeup without fear of becoming a raccoon two hours had we applied the eyeliner, look what Heidi cheeks with rouge and hives suspiciously glossy front. For makeup last summer and avoid the disadvantages of heat in the face, the cosmetic specialist Claudia di Paolo, offers us the best advice.

Notes! 1. To hold off glare and make the makeup last longer, choose a liquid foundation that is light and free of oils. To find the right tone of foundation, it is best to test it on the back of your hand, so you can also check its lightness.

2. Instead of making use of compact powders always, it is advisable to opt for a form of seal the lighter makeup, with loose powder, ideal for always keeping his face covered with a light and fresh.

3. Bet on the makeup nude or effect “face wash”. It is perfect for summer, it helps to look cleaner, natural and fresh face. During this season, the skin usually take one or two more shades than the rest of the year, which makes an appearance without much makeup the most flattering and healthy is acquired.

4. Prefers powder shadows, as its composition allows to absorb best oils. You can use light and shadows in soft natural tones such as brown, coral, peach or pale pink.

Summer Makeup fashion tones and making it last all day perfect

5. Do not forget the corrector, a real ally when it comes to hide dark circles, pimples or acne scars. However, to avoid being noticed too much or become caked, during the summer the use of one is recommended powder, cream or mousse , as they are best placed to control oily skin.

6. For the evenings and nights summer where humidity and heat are very present, it is best to use one eyeliner and waterproof mascara eyelashes.

7. Remember blush, always powder to absorb the fat of the skin. Choose it in soft colors to illuminate the face and highlight your tan.

8. As for the lips, you can become protagonists, but try not to abuse too intense colors. You can also avail yourself of light and brightness nude, but try not to overdo with their use because it can result in a “greasy”. mouth.

9. To control the brightness on the forehead and T zone that produces the heat, a tissue does wonders. Make a ball and press gently, without dragging or rubbing. The tissue paper will absorb all the excess shine without disturbing makeup.

10. The thermal water is another summer weapon you suit you have in your make-up bag. If you have, you can use mineral water in a spray bottle. You will be very useful to beat the heat and keep your makeup fresh.

Tones star for the summer makeup

In the same way we make the change of wardrobe, makeup changes with the arrival of summer. Dark colors and matte finishes are banished to give way to color, brightness and tan tones. So, after knowing the keys to the makeup last longer intact, discovers now, with the help of makeup artist Maria Solans, the final tricks to get the perfect summer makeup, choosing shades and finishes that suit when the skin is tanned.

1. The summer skins are brighter, use, therefore illuminating to shine strategic areas of the face you want to highlight. forehead, high cheekbones, chin or above the cupid’s bow “If you take the makeup lips and you apply a light touch over the bar cupid, your lips look more bulky and lip tone’ll stand ” , explains the expert. Just do not overdo it, because in summer the skin tends to shine naturally, so you only need to apply the illuminator in small doses and in very strategic areas.

2. Park the black in the drawer and give color to look with eyeliners Klein … turquoise blue tones, emerald green or in summer are allowed! Also select these tones for eye pencils.

Remember that the ideal is that they are waterproof for durability.

3. For lips, fuchsia color is crowned as summer star or orange morange. For eyes, go for the lime, orange and turquoise tones.

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