December 3, 2016

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Once upon a time building a business was a pretty straightforward process. Nowadays with the advent of the internet there’s a huge focus on using social media. Thanks to the fact that most of your customers use social media you need to make sure you’re tapping the online social media market. Managing your small to medium enterprise successfully, and growing and moving with changes as they happen, means that you have to be agile and moving with the times. When you’re looking to build a successful business you need to focus on three key steps.

1. Your first impression

Your first impression can take a number of forms – it might be a logo, or it could be taken care of by securing a great office space. In Wellington, a lot of businesses have opted for a virtual office, purely for the fact that you can get a great prestige address without the hassle of having to lease a corporate space and manage set up of the venue. You can get a great address, with boardrooms for hire when you need them – at a fixed price on a month-to-month service.

2. Your business structure

You need to make sure that the structure of your business is sound so that it can support your growth. Making sure that your business is set up for growth is a key part of your success. The reason why plenty of startups fail is that they weren’t ready for growth. Having a virtual office is a great way to scale your business as well, as when you are ready for a new space it’s a simple matter of upgrading to something like a serviced office with space for staff in house.

3. Your marketing strategy

A key part of your marketing structure comes down to using whatever is available to you at the right price and level of complexity. Social media is a great choice for many small-to-medium enterprises as they get their head above water as it’s a relatively inexpensive tool and can be used to great effect.

How to make social media work for your business

A recent report – the 2016 Sensis Social Media Report – has found that almost half of all small and medium businesses are using social channels. That figure is growing – with an 11% jump in the last year of Aussie businesses using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to engage with existing and potential customers.


When you use social you can target your customers and segment them so that you can send a direct and strong message to a particular audience. According to Sensis, people are spending more and more time on social media; 57% of people access social media every day and 26% of people using social media five or more times a day.



Facebook continues to slay in the social media domain with a staggering user base of 95% of all social media users. This figure is followed by 31% of users on Instagram, 24% on LinkedIn, and 20% or so on Snapchat. The study found that in the past year alone there has been a spike of four hours in the average amount of time spent on Facebook. In layman’s terms this means that the average user is now on Facebook more than 12 hours per week.


If you want to get your brand or business in front of these users you need to get your business or brand on Facebook. The confidence in a brand will rise if people have interacted with them on social media in a positive way.


There are benefits to using social media:


  • It’s relatively low cost to use
  • It’s easy to set up
  • On average, a small business only needs to spend a few thousand dollars a year on social media to get good returns.


A social push isn’t just a matter of setting up a Facebook page and then sitting back and waiting for the likes to come rolling in – you need to have a strategy. Whether you’re setting targets for likes or looking to build your engagement rates, you need to make sure that people are working within a pre-defined framework for what you want to achieve.


Part of getting people engaged is ensuring regular and consistently on-brand content – but if the idea of posting regularly and running your business is way too much to handle you can always choose from multitudes of scheduling tools designed to help.


After all – part of your strategy is knowing when your users are using the social media sites you’re targeting, and often it’ll be late at night or early in the morning. A scheduling tool allows you to be posting and current when your users are online.


Whatever you do just remember the three core steps to building a successful business. One – make a great first impression. Two – sort out your business structure so you can grow. Three – make a killer marketing strategy with a focus on social media and work on it solidly to see growth.

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