December 15, 2015

Setting realistic goals

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Setting realistic goals

Keep fit and eat well at times seems like a lofty goal, unattainable.

Working long hours, take the kids to extracurricular activities and then pick them up, do laundry and keep the house they are time and energy, leaving you with little to exercising and strive to plan and prepare healthy meals. However, with a little organization and dedication, you’ll find quick to do exercises and nutritious dishes without taking time to rest so your responsibilities.

Make an honest assessment

Make an assessment of your physical condition and your diet. To assess your fitness level, Franci Cohen, owner and CEO of Fuel Fitness in New York, suggested some homemade.

1. Measure and record your heart rate before and after a brisk walk around your block.

2. Do as many pushups (pushups) as you can and records the amount achieved.

3. Measure the flexibility of your hamstrings and lower back of your back to sit and stretch test. Place a stick in the ground. Sit with your legs parallel to the rod and one end of this the same height as your coccyx level position. Stretch forward as far as you can while still feeling comfortable without lifting your knees off the ground. Repeat this two or three times and recorded the best result.

4. Calculate your BMI. These numbers will give you a basis for measuring your fitness.

5. To assess your diet, Isabel De Los Rios, a certified nutritionist and co-founder in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, recommends paying special attention to how you feel each day. “If you feel lethargic and fatigued, and you find it hard to get to the end of the day, this is a clear sign that something may not be well on your way to care for your body and your health,” he said.

6. To learn more about your eating habits, start a diary in which you take note of everything you eat and drink for a week. Then check it to see what you’re eating regularly. Too many drinks? Too much bread and pasta? Not enough vegetables? This can help you see where you are to make changes.

Use this information as a set of basic personal information to help you to register success.

Prepare a plan

When you decide to improve your fitness and your nutrition, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how.
Want to lose a certain amount of pounds? Will losing two sizes?

Is completing a half marathon? Give up taking caffeinated beverages? It begins with a general long-term objective of knowing where you want to go, including exercise and diet, and make sure you are realistic about your intentions.

“You must take into account all the variables of your everyday life,” Cohen said. “Take a little time to put your life in perspective before making long-term plans in terms of physical condition (and nutrition). Make sure your plans are realistic, so that your whole effort worthwhile.”

Ponte a series of short-term objectives to mark your progress. “Focus on short, easy, achievable goals that will help you build your confidence and make you familiar with the habits and rituals that you need for a successful program provides fruit,” said Brad Siskind, owner and trainer FlatbellyLA in Los Angeles, California.

Do not start trying to do too much. If you complete a half marathon is your goal, instead of trying to run several miles the first day, run a block, then two, then six. “The increases are the best way to progress in improving physical fitness,” Cohen said.

De Los Rios suggested set weekly goals with a reward for success at the end of each week. “My favorite rewards are those that have nothing to do with food and tastes are special to me,” he said.

“Things like going to a manicure, pedicure, to make me a massage or even a new magazine or book are rewards I love.”

It bears the words to action

As you implementing your plan, consider what you can do during the day without costing you a lot of stress or time. For years, Siskind suggests doing squats while brushing teeth or raise calves while your coffee is made.

To keep up with your diet, De Los Rios recommends finding shortcuts to healthy eating a part of your daily routine. His favorite is the leftovers. “If I can cook or buy something healthy, I make sure to make enough to have many leftovers for the next day, and keep in the freezer for the next week,” he said.

He also suggested having three fast food, take away, that can be done in 10 minutes or less, as vegetarian omelets, smoked salmon served with salad. “I also make sure you know where healthy choices are that I have around,” she said. “For me, these are the nearby grocery stores, with salad bar and shop with local delicacies offered many salads and delicious meals that are ready in minutes.”

Stay motivated

Because demands while generating conflicts with each other as usual in most people, it is crucial to find something or someone who will encourage you to achieve your goals and keep accounts. “Connect with a good maintenance instructor fitness and make sure you go to their classes regularly,” Cohen said. “Find a friend to take the same responsibility with you.”

It is also great to have your own cheerleader, as a couple. “Inevitably there will be situations that happen and will be challenging,” De Los Rios said. “If you have a solid support system will be much easier to pass these difficult times.”

Keep a journal in which to record your fitness and nutrition is another great motivational tool. “When you feel discouraged, just open it and look what you’ve achieved,” Cohen said. “You can not give up after all that!

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