November 24, 2015

Samsung launches its virtual reality glasses

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Samsung launches its virtual reality glasses

Samsung took a historic step on Friday to launch the first virtual reality device aimed at consumers.

Samsung is betting on this new platform and last week launched the first virtual reality glasses available for the general public.

The biggest surprise after using VR Gear for a few days: There are many things to see and play in the virtual world that the device opens. It is true that some of the material is gimmicky, but the best of it offers a glimpse of mental expansion that virtual reality can bring.

Gear VR is relatively cheap, costing just $ 100. You need to have, preferably own wireless headphones, and a recent Samsung cell: Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Edge Plus or S6 Note 5. Otherwise, the package can cost up to $ 1,000. Other systems also need accompanying virtual reality devices such as powerful computers.

Samsung developed the VR Gear along with the new virtual reality company Oculus (now part of Facebook). Replace the “special version” of $ 200 that Samsung has sold for one year. Samsung says the new model is its first product for the consumer virtual reality, but still requires some level of knowledge of the user.

The cell phone connects to the front of the Gear VR, just in front of the eye lens. Put glasses virtual reality and the world around you disappears, with a phone that opens the door to an unreal universe in three dimensions. If the head moves, the image changes to give the feeling of immersion. You can even turn around to see what’s behind you. The display projects slightly different perspectives to the left and right eye to give depth to the virtual world.

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