November 3, 2016

Is it Time for a Family Dog?

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Recently, I was flicking through news stories, when I came across this one. The news story was about the positive impact owning a large dog has on the weight, and health of its owner.

Reading it got me thinking about the benefits of owning a family pet, and made me want to find out more. What I found out was both interesting, and surprising, so I decided to write this post, and share this very important information with you.

Dogs are good for families

The conclusion I came to following my research was that, for most families, owning a dog would be beneficial. Provided you have the space, and enough time and money to take care of him or her you really should consider getting a family dog. Read on, and you will see why I say that.

Dogs help with child development

I always had an inkling that owning a dog was good for a child’s development, but I was stunned to find out just how helpful it was.  There have been numerous studies carried out that look specifically at how having a close relationship with a dog helps kids to develop into well-rounded adults.

Owning a dog when you are young has been shown to help with cognitive and emotional development. It teaches a child responsibility, as well as to be aware of and considerate of others.

Dogs help a child to stay happier

There is no doubt that owning a dog brings joy to your child’s life. Just look at how happy children are when they are playing with, stroking or talking to one, and you will instantly see what I mean.

Dogs are loyal, sensitive and loving. As a result, they pay attention to how their owners feel.

When they spot that your child is feeling a little sad after a bad day at school, they will automatically respond and spend more time with them. The act of interacting with the dog is usually enough to distract your child from their problems, which brings relief and allows them to switch to a happier mood. Studies also show that children with dogs have higher self-esteem, and are generally more confident.

Dogs keep you healthy

Owning a dog will also help to keep your child healthy. They will naturally move more while playing with their pet in the home. If you make walking the dog a walk part of your child’s routine, they will be automatically getting good cardiovascular exercise, every day.

In addition, studies show that children with dogs have more robust immune systems than those who do not. They suffer from fewer childhood ailments than their peers who do not have pets at home.

If you are interested in getting a puppy, it is well worth visiting the website. This breeder sells both crossbred and purebred puppies. They provide advice to potential owners designed to help them to decide which type of puppy is best for their children. As a result, they are a great place to find out more about some of the different types of dogs that are available. Armed with this knowledge, should you decide to get a dog for your children, you will be able to easily find one that is a good fit for your family.

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