May 24, 2014

Improve your DNA exercising for a few minutes a day

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Improve your DNA exercising for a few minutes a day

They say that some people have better genetics than others, when talking about the physical condition of their appearance, or their sports skills, and can be, but we must not despair because with a little effort everything you can change.

For although the genetic code of a person remains unchanged from birth molecules DNA that form if they can undergo chemical changes throughout life. But how does this happen? The answer lies in the exercise.

According account the web site very interesting , a study developed by Juleen Zierath , of the Karolinska Institute (Sweden), found that one of the key drivers of these changes -denominados epigeneticos- change is constant practice physical activity.

In fact, these modifications of DNA may explain why sport is so beneficial to the body. “Our muscles are really plastic” Zierath, expert in Molecular Medicine explains.


Experiments conducted by the scientific, show that the DNA of skeletal muscle taken from a person after intense exercise contains fewer methyl groups attached to their molecules, before the activity.

Ultimately, the changes occurring in sections of DNA that normally act on enzymes called transcription factors, which Ziertah compared with “keys” that “unlocks muscle genes.” The explanation is that these “keys” work best when there are no methyl groups in the middle and “prevent the passage”. Therefore, changes in DNA induced by exercise increase the muscle’s ability to work, thus improving its performance.

Other benefits of exercise

Along with being a factor in improving our DNA, exercise also has other properties related to faster processing of substances, specifically the sugars and fats . “Exercise is medicine, and alters our epigenome, improving health, after a brief career”, says the researcher.

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