August 11, 2015

How to give volume to fine hair

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How to give volume to fine hair

Listing the best ways to take care fine hair and wear a hair with more volume, full of vitality.

Fine hair is weaker, sensitive and fragile, so it breaks more easily and requires special care to strengthen and maintain its elasticity. In addition, fine hair tends to cake and lose volume, resulting in a poor hair and devoid of movement.

To address the problems with fine hair, Claudia di Paolo, a specialist in cosmetics, gives us the guidelines to take care with care and let look shiny and volume :

Using specific hair cosmetics for fine hair or contribution volume. In addition, those products prevents excess silicones, adding weight to the hair.

Fine hair tends to curl easily. To avoid anything better to apply a specific conditioner for fine hair, providing manageability and shine, but not weight or fat, which are usually the most common problems in this type of hair. • A good cut is essential to wear a nice thin hair. Short or scaled outfits are the most flattering.

Flee manes too long and straight. • Use soft natural bristle brush to avoid breaking the hair and avoid rubbing dry with a towel and take special care to unravel when wet because it can damage the hair cuticle. • If possible, avoid irons, curling or hair and try if used not exceed 150 degrees and not too close dryer hair because excess heat helps to weaken the scalp and promotes hair thinning.

• Since the temperature is one of the important factors to prevent hair tune, we recommend washing it with warm water, which is neither cold nor hot. • Dry the hair upside down or lifting the roots is a simple trick that will bring more volume to the hair.

It is also a good idea to highlights or reflections to give a feeling of greater volume. Of course, not recommended discolor fine hair because it hurts too much hair fiber. • As much as you can get to try as a solution to increase the volume, should not be put extensions on this type of hair, for being thin is fragile and end up splitting weight.

• Every day before going to sleep will be very beneficial for smooth circular massage with the fingertips on the entire scalp. It will stimulate microcirculation to win hair shine, volume and vitality. MujerdeElite discovers the benefits of capillary self-massage and basic movements to implement them. • The diet is essential to wear a stronger, healthier and shinier hair. Among the most recommended foods are eggs, milk, meat, fruits, vegetables and nuts. In addition, some supplements such as alfalfa and yeast are perfect for showing off healthy and strong hair

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