August 6, 2018

Going Out Vs. Staying In: Purchasing Power and Shipping Options

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When you need something, how do you get it? Do you drive in your car to store and purchase it? Do you shop online to see where you can find it so that you can have it shipped to you? How much does shipping cost? How secure are these purchases online? It’s a fascinating riddle trying to determine the answers to these questions and where you can benefit the most from your shopping activities.

Do you prefer going out or staying in? Do you use food delivery services?  Amazon has some fantastic deals on shipping rates depending on your subscription status. Millions and millions of people find eBay useful. And then you always have to think about how you are more likely to spend money on the things that you need – in person at a store or surfing through online images.

Food Delivery Services 

Looking at on-demand delivery, you can’t help but be impressed by the options that are available. Grocery stores deliver food. Restaurants deliver food. Individual people will pick up food at grocery stores and restaurants and deliver them to you as contractors. Typically, these services don’t cost all that much, and they can add an incredible amount of convenience to your schedule. Especially if you have children, not having to go to a store to pick up food is an amazing benefit.

Amazon Shipping 

For people who are willing to sign up for Amazon Prime, it’s hard to beat the shipping framework they have in place. After you purchase your subscription, you get free shipping on everything, and it comes within two or three business days. This is a phenomenal deal for people who like getting things quickly and inexpensively.


It’s a little bit more of the Wild West you start looking at eBay. If you set yourself up as an eBay seller, you immediately begin to recognize some of the details that go into selling and shipping your items. Because you are an individual and have to handle the shipping costs on your own, you have to figure out how to advertise your things knowing that weight and size make a difference in your overall sale.

Where Budget Is Concerned 

One of the more intriguing things to think about when it comes to your purchases is where you specifically spend more or less money. If you go into a grocery store, do you buy things on impulse? Or are you more likely to stay on target? If you’re shopping online, do you just get the things that you need, or do you wander around and potentially get caught up in the advertising for other items as well? If you have a budget, you have to know which way shopping saves you the most money, and then stick to that.

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