July 29, 2018

Getting Ready for Emergencies; Big and Small

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If you run into an emergency, and you’re not prepared, then it’s already too late. Although that is an unfortunate maxim, it’s one that people don’t think about until after something terrible has happened. So, even if you don’t expect an emergency, you should still know the basics of how to deal with a variety of them that can crop up in your daily life.

There are an array of different situations you may have to deal with as well. There are small issues that are easily handled. And then there are big troubles which can mean the difference between life and death. The important thing is that you have some preparation for all potential possibilities so that you can react accordingly.

Small Issues 

So what are some small issues that need to be handled in an emergency capacity? What if you run across someone who is bleeding? Do you know basic first aid? Even if it’s a non-life-threatening situation, if you have the training to handle an emergency, you can make a big difference in someone’s capacity to stop pain or injury and get them into a better situation quickly.

Big Troubles 

There is a whole culture around the world that is based on the idea of preparing for the final big trouble. When everything goes wrong, when there is an ultimate infrastructure fail, do you know what you would do? When some variation of the zombie apocalypse hits, do you know what resources to gather? Even though you may not feel like it’s even a slight possibility, if something significant or vital in the world really goes wrong, can you handle yourself in a way that is logical and sensible to the situation?

Knowing How To Defend Yourself 

On an individual level, do you know how to defend yourself in case of conflict? If you learn martial arts, you can protect yourself in a bar fight, you can defend someone who is being picked on, or you can simply carry around the confidence that comes from knowing that you are able to fend off would-be aggressors.

Understanding Survivalism 

In the end, understanding how to work through emergencies runs parallel with comprehending survivalism at its basic level. Though everyone gets caught up in day-to-day activities, worries, and anxieties, in emergency situations the only thing that matters is getting through the next day, the next hour, or the next minute. Working through emergency situations in your head and then preparing skill sets to handle them will make you a better member of society, and whether you use them or not, survivalist skills make you a better person. Even a small amount of education in this field can go a long way, so a few hours of research in the survivalist mentality is an excellent conduit for personal development.

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