June 14, 2016

Get a Killer Skin for Your MacBook

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When you get a new computer, one of the first orders of business is setting it up the way you like. As you figure out where everything is, you slowly change the settings to reflect your personal preferences. You replace the stock background for a picture of your friends or your favourite pet. You modify the speed of your mouse and the style of your sound effects. You choose the colour scheme of your programs, and you pin and adjust your most oft-used applications to your desktop. With all of the time and effort you put into your MacBook’s internal customization, why stop there? You can extend the same principles to the outside of your laptop and express yourself to the world around you with a MacBook skin.

A skin is the easiest, most affordable way to customize the look of your computer. Costing less than $50, it applies simply without needing any gross adhesives or complex techniques. They affix to the chassis much like a sticker would except, unlike a sticker, you can easily peel it off whenever you want to update its style. And from the sheer number of colours and textures you can choose for your skin, you might do that more often than you think. Switching from the likes of polished mahogany to vibrant pink carbon fibre to space-age copper is painless, meaning your computer can suit any occasion or mood in as little as 5 minutes.

Whatever design you choose, every MacBook skin is made from a thin but very strong vinyl. It provides a solid barrier between your precious hardware and the mean outside world. Whether you’re more of a faux-wood or a true colour kind of person, this vinyl will stand up to sharp objects and save your computer from scratches, scuffs, and grime-build up. You can protect your MacBook this summer simply by finding a skin provider that uses precision-cut 3M vinyl in all of their products. This high quality material will stand up to anything you throw at it.

Recall back to the last time you took your laptop out for a spin. If your local café is anything like the millions of others around the world, then chances are you weren’t the only one opening up their MacBook to get some work done with an Americano. The whole place was probably littered with silver MacBooks. Now imagine returning to your seat by the window with pink carbon fibre skin attached to your Mac. You’ll certainly stand out! Get one for yourself and see what it’s like to finally have a computer as customized on the outside as it is on the inside.

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