March 29, 2016

Fruitful Office: Planting Fruit Trees in Africa

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Fruitful Office, alongside UK charity RIPPLE Africa, has been working hard to bring the benefits of fruit to those who need it most. Over 2015, Fruitful Office committed their resources to planting one tree in Malawi, Africa, for every fruit basket purchased by their customers.

The campaign, Planting Fruit Trees in Africa, has focused on planting easy, quick growing trees that can provide the people of the area with healthy, delicious fruit and a sustainable source of firewood.

The campaign at work

The Fruitful Office campaign, alongside RIPPLE Africa, helps individual Malawian householders, farmers, schools and community clubs to grow tree seedlings. The local community is trained in growing and maintaining these, and Fruitful Office also provides the equipment if needed.

The tree seedlings are planted in various orchards, woodlots and around household perimeters, allowing Malawian families to benefit from both the fruit of the trees and the firewood. In many cases, the fruit from the trees can also become a source of income generation for many families.

Fruitful Office makes sure to update their clients every three months on the success of the campaign. From July to September 2015, Fruitful Office were able to plant 105,981 trees in Malawi, and now the project is focused on the deforestation of the Muzuzu area.

Tackling deforestation in Muzuzu

The northern region of Muzuzu is a very deforested area with a large demand for firewood from the 200,000-strong population.

Fruitful Office’s project in Muzuzu has helped provide a sustainable source of timber by planting quick growing exotic trees. In turn, this conserves existing indigenous trees as the new trees decrease the demand for wood from Malawi’s natural forests. As well as this, the initiative restores land by planting nitrogen-fixing trees and reduces deforestation overall in Malawi.

RIPPLE Africa have helped communities plant over 4 million trees, supporting 10,000 households per year to each plant 25 quick growing trees for firewood and 10 fruit trees.

Along with Fruitful Office, they have also supported schools, farmers and community groups to grow a variety of trees. With help from Fruitful Office, this planting project is the largest tree-planting project in the Nkhata Bay District, and provides a real long-term solution to fighting deforestation in Africa.

Fast growing trees like Senna Siamea provide an immediate benefit to the community, as they can use branches for firewood without felling the whole tree – and the branches grow back again quickly for more wood. This helps to alleviate the significant burden the need for firewood places on Malawi’s indigenous forests.

Deforestation in Africa is certainly one of the greatest issues facing Malawians today, resulting in less rain, hotter climates, soil erosion, and drought. In collaboration with Fruitful Office, this tree planting initiative is addressing demand while helping to solve the problem at the same time. As the project continues to grow, Fruitful Office keeps its customers updated on the worldwide benefits of each fruit basket purchased.

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