November 19, 2016

Five Reasons to Shift Your Advertising Dollars to Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is no longer a small part of a company’s marketing budget. If you are reluctant to embrace this technology in your marketing budget, then take the time to understand the following five reasons that your business will benefit.

There is a large number of social media users
A big part of digital marketing is in the area of social media. People are absorbed by their favorite social media sites, so if you are looking for new customers, this is the place to find them. Large and small businesses alike are finding that this is true. A large number of people are discovering new brands and products for the first time with advertisements on social media sites.

People are shopping on the Internet in large numbers.
More people are shopping on the Internet than ever before. Gone are the days when people saw an ad in the local paper and decided to make a purchase. Likewise, advertisements on television and radio are producing limited results for businesses. What works best is advertising on the Internet. It is here that consumers are doing their research and comparison shopping for the products they are interested in buying, so it is here that your company must have a marketing presence. Even those consumers who decide to buy locally are doing their price comparison on the Internet before going to their local store.

Supplying information about your company’s products
Social media and the Internet in general are where people exchange information and opinions about products. Digital marketing is not just about various forms of digital advertising on the Internet, but also about providing information regarding your company and its products. This can come in the form of a blog that allows for questions and answers. It also includes keeping in touch with your customer base. Giving them the latest information about your company’s products and new product release dates. Digital marketing includes gathering information about customer satisfaction and using this information to create a better product in the future.

Establishing and promoting your brand
Every business person knows the importance of brand recognition, but it takes a long time to build up the recognition of a brand name or company logo. However, without digital marketing, this is becoming increasingly more difficult. If you want everyone to know your brand name, you must have a strong presence on the Internet, and this means adopting several digital marketing techniques.

It is often cheaper than traditional marketing
Traditional advertising, especially on television, can be expensive. This is certainly the case when you analyze the cost of generating leads. Digital advertising is still a good deal, and when you add in the potential of a 24 hour presence, it makes digital marketing even more cost effective.

Although no company should leave their traditional marketing tactics behind, given the habits of today’s consumer, you need to embrace digital marketing in a large way. If you take the time to qualify your results, you will likely find that digital marketing is producing better results than anything you have done in the past with radio, television or other traditional marketing channels. If you find implementing a digital marketing plan difficult, you can hire a marketing agency like iCrossing that specializes in digital marketing. iCrossing is one of the best within the industry, but there is no shortage of options to choose from.

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