July 14, 2015

Cleaning oily skin and remain always beautiful

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Cleaning oily skin and remain always beautiful

Having oily skin is not a mortal sin, but what is a terrible lack aesthetics, is to do whatever it takes, even the impossible, to prevent a skin with this ugly problem of excess body natural oil.

Excess oil in the skin brings other problems like acne, pimples and blackheads, which in no way are attractive and catch the attention of someone, well, maybe a dermatologist. Here a number of useful aids comes to clean oily skin, which perhaps can be put into practice and show off a simply angelic face.

Wash your oily skin daily

Having skin with traces of grease want to say, necessarily, that the skin is dirty. However, when it comes to clean oily skin, it is good to keep skin always washed face, do it several times during the day, because the accumulation of fat prevents leaving the skin, those particles that do not want to have in the skin. Likewise, wash your face constantly, will ensure that dead cells are removed from the face and always looks clean and bright.

Exfoliate the face during washing

Give your skin a little exfoliation, while you are washing with products made specifically for oily skin or other home remedies that can perform this task efficiently. However caution must be taken with excessive exfoliation, because it can be more fat than the problem began to be generated. The key to clean oily skin and make a proper exfoliation , is that everything is done in measure.

Do not use moisturizers after washing your face.

Oily skin the oil or fat skin naturally, is more than enough to keep the skin hydrated, so, although it might sound strange, to clean oily skin excess hydration is not necessary , however, that further complicate the work that will keep more wet and oily skin.

The only product recommended to remain as much time on the skin, to protect it, it’s a good sunscreen.

Wear makeup, as little as possible

If you can go to the places they frequent without makeup, she is making a huge favor. Otherwise, you should start thinking about it.

The makeup works on your skin to bring in fat accumulation and analyze for a second, much accumulation remaining after a whole day with up face. The ideal is to do with products specifically for oily water-based pile. The powders are a better choice than the liquid and remember that the less you use, the better your skin will look.

Use citrus oils in the skin

They can be essences of grapefruit, tangerine, orange or lemon. These essences to cleanse oily skin, do not contain elements or substances that harm the state of your skin. They are purely natural home remedies of herbal origin.

Their application must be on at night, when the skin rests and preventing fat will be more effective. The next morning to do this wash skin with citrus oils, should juagar well with fairly mild antibacterial soap.

Wash with milk

The fat in the skin attracts dirt particles that make it look dirty and in a darkened skin tone. To correct this phenomenon, it is necessary to keep skin as white as possible, for which it is advisable to sporadic washed with milk. This is a cleaner that is absolutely free of fat and does not produce dry skin.

When washing with milk, you can do massage with cotton, this will be very useful for removing makeup properly and clean the oily skin. After milk and massage thoroughly wash your face to go to sleep.

Use Astringent

Proper use of a suitable astringent, will be a good tool against oily skin. What it does is eliminate the astringent oil. They even come in the form of individual wipes that can be carried in your bag or clothes for certain times of day when the fat makes presence. If no astringent, blotting paper in the pocket of your shirt or blouse, it will serve to counteract the unpleasant effects of oily skin.

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