October 19, 2016

Children’s Safety and Trampoline Play Now Go Hand in Hand

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Installing a trampoline is an opportunity to get your kids active and enjoying outdoor activities this summer. However, many parents are hesitant about getting one for their household because reports have shown that they can cause injuries and have the potential to be dangerous. Unfortunately, there are elements of truth to this; many trampolines have major design flaws that make them unsafe for children to use. However, there is one trampoline manufacturer implementing trend-setting designs, making their trampolines top of the line in terms of both safety and fun.

Springfree Trampoline has wonnumerous consumer awards including The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, The US Family Choice Award, as well as the International Design Award. This is primarily thanks to three critical design features it exhibits, putting it ahead of traditional trampolines, and making it one of the best trampolines for sale in the USA today.

Trampoline Play

The first of these is a net enclosure that wraps around the bulk of the trampoline, this net is held up by composite rods that are sturdy but light enough not to cause harm if contact is made. The net catches any potential fallers and guides them back to the mat in the center where they are less likely to harm themselves.The mat itself is called the SoftEdge mat,– this way the impact from falls is absorbed and dissipates into the mat’s surface rather than the faller’s body.

The mat is supported by a hidden frame; while other trampolines use an exposed frame, Springfreetrampolines keep the dangerous metal structure hidden beneath the jumping surface where there is no chance of contact or injury. Moreover, the horizontal springs in the trampoline are removed in favor ofthe same flexible composite rods,durable but able to bend under pressure. Composed of the same material used in high performance fishing rods, these composites are safer than metal springs, and when hidden — along with the frame — below the mat, where no jumper can reach it, most product related injuries are avoided all together.

What’s more: Springfree is now the world’s first smart trampoline. A recent partnership with tgoma has resulted in the creation of a new downloadable trampoline app. This is an inspiringapp encouraging kids to have fun outside and experience the benefits of trampoline exercise. Once downloaded, users can attach a signal device to the base of the trampoline, allowing them to record jumps, and score points in a variety of games available through the software. It’s the perfect tool to get children out of the house and into the backyard with incentives like connecting in friendly competition with people both locally and globally – playing with jumpers across the country and world. Pair this perk with the many reliable safety features implemented into its design, and you don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt while outside having fun without your supervision.

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