April 12, 2015

Busy London Life With No Time For Fitness? Solutions Here


When you have always been a bit of a fitness fanatic, it can be really hard when all of a sudden, time for your favorite hobby just seems to evaporate.[...]
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June 27, 2014

You have to know when to exercise

We talked to a specialist who told us all that we must be clear when we look to see changes in our body. Find out how many days you have to go a week[...]
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June 8, 2014

When diet and exercise are not enough

With the arrival of high temperatures, many women begin to worry about the silhouette, to reach the beach with a slender figure. The most diets begins[...]
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May 24, 2014

Improve your DNA exercising for a few minutes a day

They say that some people have better genetics than others, when talking about the physical condition of their appearance, or their sports skills, and[...]
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