April 10, 2017

A List of Important Considerations when Replacing Your Bathroom’s Basin, Bath, Materials, and More

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Most of us dream of having a great bathroom – a place and space where we can relax; a total haven of comfort. But if your dream is finally turning into reality – if you are in the first stages of planning a bathroom remodel or refurbishment and are planning to replace some key elements, such as the basin, bath, materials, and more – you need to carefully think everything through. Here’s a list of your best choices when replacing your bathroom’s basin, bath, materials, and more.

The basin

The basin plays a crucial role in your bathroom simply because you couldn’t do without it. But when replacing your old basin with a new one, one of the first aspects you have to consider is its height. Choosing the right height for your basin will depend on who will be using it, although it will also depend on the actual height of your worktop or countertop. If you want an above-the-counter basin, you may want to consider a lower worktop, but if you want a recessed basin, then your worktop can be the standard height of 32 to up to 34 inches.

Also, if you have limited space in your bathroom, you may want to think about a smaller basin or even a corner basin. Corner basins are particularly useful for smaller bathrooms, and they add a bit of personality to your bathroom as well.

The bath

When replacing an existing bath, there are a few important requirements and considerations as well. As mentioned, if you have a small bathroom, why not opt for a small bath? Baths are now built and designed to accommodate different bathroom sizes, especially when it comes to freestanding baths, as confirmed by the bathroom specialists at JTSpas.

The materials

You are most likely on a budget, so you would want to save as much money as you can whilst having your bathroom remodeled. But whilst there are items or elements which you can scrimp on when it comes to price and quality, there are a few other items or elements which can be considered an investment. Don’t be afraid of splurging a little bit on some elements and materials, especially for flooring, worktops and vanities, and baths and showers. By not being stingy with these elements, you can enjoy an efficient and properly-working bathroom for years to come.

Doing some things yourself

Whilst there are some things that are best left to professionals, such as installing a new bath or tiles, there are some things you can actually do yourself, such as installing a toilet. This will not only make you feel more motivated and involved – it can save you money as well.


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