June 11, 2015

6 Ways to eliminate blackheads and skin comedones

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6 Ways to eliminate blackheads and skin comedones

One of the problems of the skin, but the most common is the black spots or pimples, which occur when the pores become clogged with excess sebum, that is, the oil created by the sebaceous glands addition to cells dead skin. The difference between a black and a white point is whether the pore is open or closed.

Many people believe that blackheads are caused by dirt. However, the fact spend the whole day with compulsive washing the face, it will not prevent them from appearing, much less be a remedy to remove blackheads. Conversely, whenever the skin becomes dry, oil re-created to compensate for what washed. Even excess peels and sugar pore tapes tend to further impair the state of the skin.

Home remedies for removing blackheads skin

Use egg whites to clean and remove blackheads

Remove blackheadsAll you have to do is break a fresh white egg.

Mixed clear and a teaspoon of honey is added. This mixture is spread on the face, leaving his properties and benefits do their job for at least 30 minutes. After this time, wash your face with warm water. The light acts as a natural cleanser to help remove blackheads and prevent their appearance bothers.

Milk combined with honey to close open pores

Milk and honey are elements that have properties that are good for the skin, ideal to get a good mask. Antibacterial qualities of honey and lactic acid milk is made into milk, it helps keep the skin soft and supple known.

This home remedy intended that the combination of the two foods, can work on the skin as a natural adhesive. It will take 1 tablespoon of raw organic honey, 1 teaspoon of milk, cotton.

Everything is mixed and heated to a bearable temperature. It is thinly applied to the blackheads and then spend the cotton firmly, left there for 20 minutes. After this time, remove the cotton and rinse with warm water.

Use of lime to remove granites

To remove blackheads skin with lime, you have to do is mix it with almond oil and glycerin, making a mask. Then the mixture should be applied on the affected facial pimples or bumps, for two to three minutes. In addition to the benefits that this herb helps reduce blackhead, also works to fade scars left by the acne, even those who previously had.

The salt is useful to clean skin

That is, table salt can be beneficial in removing pimples. All you have to do is wash your face once a day with warm water mixed with salt. The role of this element is to achieve the reduction of excess fat in the skin. Follow this home treatment as a routine, salt eliminate pimples and cleanse your skin in a way that will surprise you.

Cleanse the skin with lemon juice

Pimples are caused by pores, clogged pores react with oxygen. Lemon juice becomes the astringent substance that is needed to do the job of cleansing the skin. This formula to eliminate blackheads can clear the skin temporarily and do something sensitive to the sun, so it will be good to carry a sunscreen on if this method is used during the summer. People with sensitive skin should first be diluted lemon juice in water.

Honey, natural remedy for skin

It has already been present in various formulas above. Honey is very effective in the process of removing blackheads, for their proven to cure diseases such as profit sharing and pimples.

It is performed by applying a little warm honey on the face. After 10 minutes washing honey. This works as a natural moisturizer and returns clean to oily skin.

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