October 30, 2018

5 Signs You May Be An Alcoholic

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Since alcohol is widely accepted in a variety of social situations, it’s easy to find yourself drinking as many as several times throughout the week.  Whether it’s a holiday, a dinner, or even a work event, alcohol is usually considered an innocent refreshment when consumed in moderation.

However, for others, drinking alcohol in moderation doesn’t come as easily to them.  It’s difficult for them to stop drinking after the first sip.  As a result, these people may find themselves asking, where they should draw the line.  There is a fine line between casual alcohol consumption and becoming an alcoholic.  If you are considering whether you may have crossed over into the alcoholic realm, here are some of the telltale signs you should look for. 

Trouble With The Law

People who have a problem with drinking may not be able to stay out of trouble.  They engage in risky behavior like driving drunk or being disorderly in public which often leads to criminal charges.

If you’ve found yourself in legal problems as a direct result of alcohol, it may be time to ask yourself whether it’s time to cut it out of your life entirely.  Risking your freedom for a mere beverage is hardly worth it in the grand scheme of things.

Strained Personal Relationships

Often people who consume too much alcohol get into arguments and unnecessary disputes because of their drinking.  Because alcohol alters your perception of circumstances, you may be more sensitive or aggressive than you would be sober.

Many alcoholics find that the further down the rabbit hole of alcoholism that they go, the more isolated that they become.  The people who were once their close friends are hardly around, and they find it difficult to connect with others in the same way that they did once before. 

Inability to Follow Through With Commitments

It’s often difficult to get up and going after a night of heavy drinking.  Your head may be throbbing, and you feel disoriented. Usually, people who are abusing alcohol cancel on their commitments regularly due to the after-effects of drinking.

If you’ve recently canceled plans or commitments after heavy drinking, you may want to start asking whether you have a problem. 


People who have developed a full-blown dependency on alcohol will go through withdrawals if they haven’t had a drink in a while.  Although symptoms can vary, withdrawals often lead to trembling, fever, and irritability.  In more severe cases the symptoms are much more intense and require hospitalization.


Alcohol is a depressant; therefore when consumed regularly it can lead to feeling down and hopeless. People who have a developed a dependency on alcohol will usually feel overwhelmed by sadness unless they have a drink.

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