January 7, 2016

5 Most Beautiful Traditional ancient Jewelleries of India

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The era of Mughals is considered as the Golden Age of Jewellery in India. These rulers from Central Asia brought with them the precise technique of jewellery making and stone alignment. India traditional jewellery is considered as the most intrinsic jewellery in the world.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the most traditional jewelleries of India-

  1. Thewa

Inspired from the Mughals, this Rajasthani Jewellery is around 400 years old. It looks something like Tanjore painting of Rajasthani figures; the 23 carat gold is carved into handmade molten, coloured glass and sometimes with gemstones. It is then mounted on a base in jewellery or on jewellery boxes and vases for decoration.

  1. Kemp Jewellery or Vadaseri

A native of South India mainly Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, this jewellery is identified by the excessive use of red and green glass stones or rubies and emeralds. It is either made in gold or silver and since this is carried out in the area of Vadaseri, thus the name. It is a very heavy jewellery with dancing human figures sculpted on it from the ancient temples of India. Earlier, it was only worn by temple dancers, but now it is slowly spreading among the others too.

  1. Kundan

An art form proudly belonging to the Rajputs of Rajasthan, Kundan is a rich jewellery art famously known for its gem setting on a gold frame. The method of inserting the stones is a very unique process and is mounting without soldering or heating. Usually, Kundan jewellery is accompanied by Meenakari on the reverse side making the jewellery set reversible. Sometimes, instead of using gemstones lac is used to fill the hollow of the gold foil. This lac is then covered with a thin gold film to give a shiny effect.

  1. Tarkashi

An inspiration from the Greeks, Tarkashi is made entirely of silver. To make this type of jewellery pure silver is converted into fine silver wires by hammering it or passing it through a wire drawing machine. It is then bent according to the design to be made into the desirable form. It is famously identified for its beaten or wired wrapped look. This jewellery, though very old, suits the modern Indian woman. Lately, a lot of jewellery designers are taking inspiration from this beautiful jewellery and making collections.

  1. Jadau

Another native of the Rajputs from Rajasthan, this jewellery form is an inspiration from the Mughals. The jewellery finds its roots in the 16th century. Jadau is a combination of Kundan and Meenakari. It has diamond or other stones encrusted and enamelled on one side and colourful Meenakari on the other side, making it reversible to wear.

All these beautiful jewellery forms are available for sale online. These Indian jewellery designs with price suiting your budget, in real or imitation form are a treat to wear. Every jewellery form speaks of a tradition, a culture, personalize it according to what suits you the best.

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