June 11, 2018

4 Tips For Quitting Smoking

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Deciding to quit smoking is a great first step.  Enough research has shown that smoking has terrible consequences on health and doesn’t do the human body any favors.  Besides, it’s a waste of hard earned money every time that you buy them.

Once you decide to quit smoking, however, it can be a challenge to stick to your commitment.  Smoking is an addiction, and along with addictions come temptations to give in despite it being bad for you.  It’s not impossible to quit forever, however, with enough tools to make it through to the other side.

When it comes to quitting for good, here are some of the best tips to help you along your journey. 

Remove Temptations

When you decide to quit you should try to build your activities around places that aren’t full of temptations.  That means not going into the same break room as your fellow employees that you’re used to taking a smoke break with.  Or walking past the cigarette counter at the store and allowing yourself to think about buying a pack.

Some people who decide to quit smoking opt for treatments like going under hypnosis to help them avoid the temptation of starting again.  Do whatever it takes to avoid tobacco, whether it’s hypnosis, going on the nicotine patch, or repeating a daily mantra.  Stick to your commitment and find the tools to help you when you find yourself faced with temptation.

Get Active

Many people find that adopting a healthy lifestyle helps them quit smoking.  When you get your heart rate up and make an effort to work your body hard, it usually makes smoking sound less appealing.

When your body starts to become used to the feeling of an elevated heart rate and feeling energized, you’ll crave a cigarette less and less.

Find a Substitute

Depending on how long you were a smoker you may have a huge attachment to the ritual of holding something to your lips or every time following eating a meal.

Losing this ritual from your routine can feel bizarre initially.  Therefore, it may be in your interest to create a substitute for this ritual.  Some people find having a lollipop to suck on helps, since its an alternative oral fixation.  Try to find something that works for you.

Remind Yourself Why You Quit

When you find yourself faced with temptation and want to smoke again, try to remind yourself of the reasons that you quit in the first place.  Putting up photos of lung cancer, or even pictures of your children can help remind you why it’s essential to stop for good.

Place these reminders wherever it will help you and refer to these images when you start to feel a craving.  After a few deep breaths, you’ll feel the cravings subside.

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