June 18, 2018

4 Tips For Creating a Positive Work Environment

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When it comes to work life, sometimes the office can start to feel like a serious and dull place.  People arrive unmotivated with little desire to be there, and it can begin to feel more like a holding cell than a creative area.

Studies show that employees aren’t just more productive in a positive work environment, but they’re also less creative.  To get the best possible performance out of your team and create great things together as a team, make sure that you apply the following methods.

Hold Weekly Meetings

Having a weekly meeting will put everyone on the same page.  Management can go over their expectations and current goals, and employees can ask any questions that they might have.

These meetings are a great time to drive positive change and come up with ideas.  As opposed to companies which communicate with each other strictly through email.  A lot can get lost when your communication is done only through text.  Whereas meeting face to face gives the company more humanity rather than being a lifeless machine.

Accept Feedback

When employees feel like they can’t share their feedback or opinions with the company, then they may eventually start building up resentment.  It’s essential for people to feel heard and valued, otherwise they won’t flourish.

Having an open door policy means that employees aren’t only heard, they’re given importance.  When one of them has a concern or question, they know that they can come to management and have a voice.  As a result, there will be much more clarity and less tension.

Team Building Activities

Studies show that teams who participate in active team building activities are much more comfortable and supportive of each other.  Building a personal rapport with each other encourages a space where everyone is heard and respected.

There are many different ways to encourage team building.  From playing sports together outside of the office to holding events where everyone in the office.

Encourage Laughter

Even though you may all be serious about your job and the work that you do, people should be encouraged to smile and laugh in the workplace.  A positive work environment creates a space where people feel free to enjoy themselves even while working and have the liberty of being lighthearted.

If people have their nose to the grindstone all day without taking a single break to talk about something non-work related, you lose a sense of camaraderie amongst your team.

This isn’t to be mistaken with being unprofessional.  As long as everyone is finishing their tasks on time and things are getting done, there isn’t any reason not to encourage laughter and joy a few times a day.

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