November 14, 2017

4 Tips For a Happy Marriage That Lasts

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Happy Marriage

When it comes to having a healthy and happy marriage, it’s important to look at the qualities which most happy couples share.  Most marriages which are long lasting and both of the spouses are happy, have the same advice as the others.

In order to emulate what they do in order to keep their marriage happy and flourishing it’s important to identify what these couples say works and doesn’t work.  Here are some of the best tips that happy couples claim make a happy marriage last. 

Don’t Rush Into Having Kids

Many couples follow all of the typical steps that traditional relationships are expected to do.  Get married, buy a home together, and have a couple of kids.  However, many couples recommend holding off on kids until you’ve spent some time together.

Although kids can be wonderful and a beautiful connection between a couple, you have plenty of time to make babies.  Once you put children into the equation the entire relationship dynamic can change.  Rather than rushing into this next chapter, why not first focus on who you are as a couple.  Enjoy traveling, sleeping in late, and being able to have a flexible schedule.  Kids can come a little later.

Never Go To Bed Angry

Going to bed on a sour note is said to be one of the worst things that you can do for your relationship.  It’s important to put things on the table and talk them out.  This way you can be sure that you aren’t harboring any resentment which gets swept under the carpet.

When couples are upset with each other but don’t communicate this leads to frustration and feeling like you are bottling things up.  Bottling things up only leads to feeling a disconnect.

Therefore, one of the best pieces of advice that happy couples can give is to always make sure that you resolve your issues before going to sleep at the end of a long day.

Build a Friendship

Having a friendship between the two of you is crucial when it comes to staying together for the long haul.  When you genuinely enjoy each other and are friends you are much more likely to be together for a long time.

Since physical attraction can ebb and flow, it’s important to have the foundation of your relationship strong.  This means having a genuine friendship based on mutual admiration and respect.

Don’t Forget To Have Fun Together

It’s easy to fall into a routine in a relationship.  Therefore, always remember to take time to do things which you enjoy together as a couple.  This can either be going out to eat, going dancing, or even just enjoying a quiet night at home on the couch.

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