April 30, 2018

4 Things To Look Forward To About Getting Older

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While many people may think of getting older as something that is a bad thing, it doesn’t have to be something to dread.  Sure there’s the whole getting wrinkles part, and maybe even requiring some hearing aids.  However, for the most part getting older just means getting better.

If we compare ourselves to a fine wine, we simply get better, smoother, and more complex as the years progress.  Not convinced that getting older is great?  Here are some of the best things to look forward to when you’re older.

Lower Insurance Rates

Getting an insurance quote when you’re under 25 can be a punch in the gut.  Since insurance rates are based on statistics, people under this age are more likely to be high risk for an insurance company because they are more likely to commit driving infractions.

Insurance companies realize that people under 25, particularly males, drive at higher speeds are less likely to wear their seatbelts, and even drive drunk, potentially leading to serious injury or even death.

However, drivers with more experience, and higher age, will be offered considerably lower rates because of the probability of causing the insurance company less trouble. 

More Life Experience

The more life that you have under your belt, and experiences that you have to draw from, the more that you become an adult. Even though your younger years may be wild and carefree, ultimately, they are often lacking security and understanding of the greater world around them.

As you get older, you start to have a better grasp of how the world works and who you are as a person.  This sense of security brings more inner peace, and less overall run-ins with unfavorable situations.

Better Finances

When you’re younger and still establishing yourself in your career, it can be a challenge to have the things that you aspire to have with your small budget.  You are still learning about how to be financially responsible and more patient about spending your money.

When you’re older and have figured things out a bit more, things start to get much more interesting in your bank account. You know what to avoid, and how to make moves in order to make more money.  As long as you apply the things that you’ve learned throughout your life, usually money is less of an issue in your older years.

Fewer Hangovers

In your younger years, there is often a lot more influence and pressure to go out and have wild parties.  Particularly in college atmospheres, a social life often means stay out late and drinking until your head is pounding the next day.

As you get older, and the hangovers feel like less of a mild headache and more like a life-threatening illness from which you’ll never recover, the urge to consume alcohol regularly lessens and you’ll find you are much more relaxed.

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