December 12, 2016

4 Hacks to Help Save on Furniture

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What most people are not aware of is that retail stores have overheads (rent and staff) that they have to factor into their prices. Everybody who sells products has to pay some kind of shipping fees, but with shopping online you usually come across one of two scenarios; a company either uses a warehouse (and renting/owning warehouses is more cost effective than having stores in good locations) or they can ship directly from the factory.  Both ways promote cost savings to be had at cheaper rates than a store. Naturally, prices may vary from site to site, but online there is always a better deal going on than in a store. And the more you buy, the more you will save.

  1. Warehouse Sales

Buying from sales will obviously save you money. But there’s more here. There are daily deal sites that clear out a lot of surplus inventory out of a manufacturer’s warehouse and then offer huge savings. Also, many big stores have an end of season sale, so keep your eyes open and try to find out when. Interested in package deals on furniture in Perth? Use experts that you can trust and no worries later.

  1. Renting Furniture is a Good Idea

Renting furniture instead of purchasing furniture is a good idea for most people dwelling in flats. If you’re pondering on renting over purchasing, consider these solid reasons for renting instead of buying:

  • You Won’t Have to Move It

Many apartments are just temporary homes for students, or people just moving into an area. Rented furniture doesn’t come with you when you change your apartment. The rental company will deliver the furniture to your new place and they will take the furniture away when you end the rental agreement. If you are in Australia, great furniture package deals from Furniture Fit outs are the way to go. Professionals and with the experience to keep all of their lucky customers well happy!

  • Furnish Entire Rooms Quickly

Another reason why renting furniture makes sense if your apartment is a short-term living arrangement or you have to move in on short notice is that you can rent entire rooms worth of furniture in package deals from most furniture rental companies. Rather than wasting time picking out this and that piece, you can rent a package set of living room furniture for a flat rate and have the furniture ready as soon as you move in.

  • Try Before You Buy

Whether you’re going to be in your apartment for the short-term or long term, renting furniture allows you to “try before you buy.” If there’s a piece of furniture you’re thinking about purchasing, you can rent them for a month or two before making the purchase to see if you like it.

4 – Don’t be a Fashion Victim

Chances are that you’re not hip to furniture brands as well as you may know fashion ones. But there are only so many furniture companies in Australia, and they all get some inspiration from each other’s ideas in many cases. Try to narrow the options by price, by quality and then looks. Lesser known names do not always equate to lower quality. The best of luck and may your abode look absolutely great!

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