June 30, 2018

4 Great Summer Jobs For Students

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Summer offers excellent opportunities for students to make extra cash during their break from classes. Since it’s only going to be during the summer break, it’s ideal to find something short-term that won’t pose a problem to commit to for a few months.

Since you don’t want to burn any bridges, it’s crucial always to be up front about how long you’ll be available. That way, whoever hires you knows what they’re getting.

Here are some of the best short-term jobs that are perfect for students in the summertime.


A lot of parents want to be able to go out on a date or have a little free time without having to look after their kids. They may even need someone during the day over the summer in particular, since school is out but they still have to work.

Putting the word out that you’re available for babysitting is a great way to earn some extra income with a flexible schedule. Depending on how many children you look after and for how long, you could be looking at a significant amount of money.

Not to mention these jobs are often conducted under the table, so you don’t have to worry about taxes. You may want to consider taking a safety course, which will be reassuring to parents who could be nervous about hiring a stranger to watch their kids.

Serving Tables

Serving tables at a restaurant or cafe is one of the most lucrative short-term jobs you can find. For only a few hours of work, you can make the same amount of money that other people make in a whole week.

It’s important to know, however, that this can be a fairly high-stress job that requires the ability to multi-task and deal with demanding customers. However, it can be perfect for the summer since you have your days free to take advantage of catching some sunshine during the day and working at night.

Dog Walking

When people are working, their dogs are stuck indoors during the warm months. Man dog owners could use someone who’ll make sure that the pups are taken out to get some air and go the bathroom.

You can put out flyers and pass out business cards if you see people with dogs. When you get a nice number of clients, you can make money quickly by working only a short amount of time.

Not to mention you get to go outdoors in the beautiful weather rather than be stuck behind a desk.


If you have a green thumb or like to get your hands dirty by doing odd jobs in a yard, then working in other people’s yards could be a great way to make money.

Try any of these four jobs during your summer vacation, and you’ll have an excellent source of income with a flexible schedule! You’ll be ready to return to school with a nice amount in savings.

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