March 3, 2019

4 Creative Projects for Artistic Individuals

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As an artistic individual, you have a few different choices about what kinds of projects you want to do. Maybe you’re stuck trying to figure out which one would be the most fun. In that case, you might want to start looking for inspiration in alternative places.


To get your mind working and to start your brainstorming session, consider the four following creative activities that you can do. You can try a casting project. Maybe you want to attempt to experiment with sealing photos. It can be a lot of fun experimenting with custom frame design. And, on an elementary level, it can feel very freeing to begin a collage project.

Casting Projects

If you want to take some of your artwork to the next level, you can try a casting project. This can be either two-dimensional or three-dimensional, and it can really expand the possibilities of how you present your artwork. When you work with casts, you get a chance to add texture and depth to the projects that you’re working with. You can use specialized materials even to make more unique features stand out.

Photo Sealing Experiments

If you enjoy photography, then you probably enjoy making prints every once in a while. If you want to create a further project from these prints, consider sealing them with Mod Podge or some other kind of resin. When you add this final layer of sealant to a project, you’re replacing the idea of a frame with a textured surface that has a very different overall appearance.

Frame Design

Have you ever had a photo or other piece of art that you wanted to frame, but you can’t find a frame that is the right size or type that you want? If that sounds like a familiar situation, then you should consider trying to make your own frames. This is harder than you might initially think, but it’s gratifying when you do it right at the end. There are a set of specialized tools that you have to use to get the angles right and to connect everything professionally, but it is a fantastic result once you get everything in order. With a little bit of practice, you can custom create frames for pretty much all of your projects.

Collage Projects

If you never tried creating a collage project before, then now is the time to start. You can use any kinds of materials that you want that can be cut out of a book or magazine, and you can even add other types of mixed-media if you’re feeling very creative. One of the great things about creating collages is the fact that you don’t have to know how to draw! So you can be creative using other people’s visions rather than trying to attempt to make your own.

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