August 6, 2018

4 Alternative Advertising and Promotional Methods for Creative Types

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Advertising and promotions are different now than they were even a short time ago. People have more interest in their mobile phones. They have less attention to give on desktops and through browser screens. And, they expect more natural advertising as opposed to promotions that don’t consider the audience.

So as an advertiser, you need to figure out some alternative ways to get attention and traffic. You can try custom silk screening. If you have a fleet of vehicles, you can do car wraps. Finding some way to give things away at a big event will help your brand out. Also, never underestimate the importance of face-to-face meetings, especially since so much of the world has turned virtual.

Custom Silkscreening 

A quick way to increase your advertising and branding quality is to wear clothes with your logo on it. A tried-and-true way to do this is by ordering custom silk screens. It is to your benefit to spend more money on this process than you might otherwise because people can tell the difference in quality. Getting one good order of custom T-shirts, hats, or branded items can mean the difference between a potential customer using you or a competitor.

Car Wraps 

We’ve all seen the cars on the roads that are covered in advertisements. Though it may raise some eyebrows, the fact is that it is very visible and makes people develop brand recognition that much more quickly. If you have a fleet of vehicles, you can order car wraps to the degree that you can afford and that makes sense in your project budget. For instant brand recognition on a broad scale, there isn’t much better than having a vehicle that is entirely covered with the color, texture, and name of your company.

Giveaways at Events 

Another excellent way to get some quick advertising and promotional material out there is if you do giveaways. Find a big event, buy some inexpensive things that you can give to the public at large, and make a big production out of it. If you do things like getting custom printed USB sticks that have some of your business’s information or content on them, this is a great way to give people something useful while also getting your message out.

Face-To-Face Meetings 

You should never underestimate the value of face-to-face meetings. It’s amazing how many people think that they can do all their advertising and promotions without meeting anyone! Find a way to talk to people face-to-face about your product, and they will find a way to purchase your things. If you hide behind a computer or behind the telephone, you’re missing out on that chance to connect with people on a physical level that will gain the kind of brand recognition and loyalty that would otherwise be impossible to get.

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