October 31, 2017

3 Ways To Find Happiness

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One of the greatest mysteries in the history of mankind is the everlasting question of what is the meaning of life.  What is it that makes us happy and how do we attain it?  Most importantly, how do we apply these answers and methods to the modern lifestyle?

Once upon a time mankind only had to worry about whether they were going to be killed by a bear, or whether they had enough to firewood to make their food.  Now we find ourselves wondering if we are going to get audited by the IRS, or whether we can make our mortgage payments yet still afford our monthly unlimited yoga pass.

When it comes to finding happiness, numerous studies have been done and concluded that the following things usually result in a greater sense of fulfillment.

Fulfillment In Your Job

Since the average person spends over 60% of their waking hours during the week at work, it’s reasonable to believe that disliking your job can have a major effect on your disposition.  By loving what you do at work, this will carry on to all other areas of your life.

Try to find something that not only pays well but also allows you to let your light shine. If you always had an interest in building as a child you may want to look for something in the line of work of building and assembling.  The same goes for if you had an interest in dressing up as a child.  Perhaps you have a future in the fashion industry.  Never be afraid to combine your passion with your livelihood because it is completely possible to have both.

Connection With Others

Studies show that those who have a sense of community and feel a connection to those around them are less likely to fall into self-destructive behavior or depression. Often people make the mistake of thinking their lack of connection with others is due to their unhappiness, however it is commonly the inverse.

By connecting with those around us that we love and feel loved by, we will be the best possible version of ourselves.

Creative Expression

Having an outlet which we can openly express who we are and what we believe in is part of the human experience.  Some people have different outlets, but they all ultimately have the same effect.

Without having a place to put all of your feelings, you will start to build these things up inside and eventually have a burnout.

Consider your mind to be like a car.  It needs regular tune-ups and to be driven or else it can start to break down.

Therefore, finding something which serves as an outlet will not only keep your mind healthy but your overall physical health as well.


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